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Uses of Botox & Dysport You May Not Be Aware Of

Did you know there are many other areas you can treat with Botox?

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Neck Lines & Neck Cords

Treatments aka tech neck treatment is the injection of Botox/Dysport into the horizontal lines of the neck preventing the lines from getting deep or noticeable similar to the lines on the forehead treatment but for the neck. Treatment for the vertical lines from the jawline to the collar bone which can give an appearance of an aged turkey neck, “Nefertiti neck” lift. Appropriately placed Botox along the jawline to lift the sagginess and droopy mouth corners leading to a lifted and defined jawline without the need for bulky filler injections.

Wrinkle Reduction

This 5 minute procedure is designed to help control muscle expressions and prevent wrinkles from developing in the first place or at least getting deeper. Think forehead lines, lines between eyebrows and lines around eyes.

Gummy Smile

This is a life saver procedure which helps men and women regain full confidence when smiling without affecting their smile or ability to speak.

Brow Lift

This is a very popular treatment for people that have an uneven, heavy, or angry looking brow line. This is a great way to open the eyes and elevate the arch of the eyebrows giving you a refreshed look.

Lip Lines aka “Smoker’s Lines”

This treatment is a quick non surgical solution to help minimize those unflattening lip wrinkles above the lips when drinking, speaking, or applying lipstick.

Lip Flip or Lip Lift

This is a quick treatment designed to open the lip area giving lips a taller and fuller look. This is also an alternative for people that don’t like to fill their lips but just accentuate them.

Pore Size Reduction & Acne

“Micro-Botox or Dysport” injections to help reduce oil production in the forehead, hairline, or nose areas. Superficially injecting Botox or Dysport will reduce the inflammation and prevent new acne from forming.

Chin Dimples

Softening for people who can’t control the tension in the face and who don’t like to see chin dimples/wrinkles on their photos because they can’t control it.


The best way to look happy and to lift the corners of the mouth and prevent deep creases from developing along the corners of the mouth leading to the chin area.

Teeth Grinding

If you wake up in the morning with tenderness and soreness in the jawline, if the dentist told you that you are grinding your teeth or even if you are biting through the mouthguard, then this is the best way to prevent yourself from damaging your teeth in your sleep

Wide or Bulky Lower Face

Can be a result of overactive or overused chewing muscles of the jaw, called masseter. Treating this muscle can instantly and non-surgically slim the face with a long-lasting result of up to 6 months.

Neck Slimming & Elongation

Is possible with the appropriately placed injections of Botox and Dysport in the upper and lower neck region.

Excessive Underarm Sweat

The best no-downtime treatment to give you confidence in the summer to wear dark clothes and to lift your arms in the air and not have to worry about sweat stains or odor with a huge bonus perk of savings on dry cleaners. A must-try treatment that is life-changing for so many people.

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